Jet Setter Sweater.

YAY! I beat my sweater blues and my ridiculous procrastination. And this lovely sweater is done and ready to be worn.

I got the pattern from Crochet Today! Magazine (May/June 2012 issue). If you are going to buy one of the back issues of this magazine, I would suggest checking this issue out. It has a lot of really nice patterns in there.

I made the size small for myself, but if I were to make it again, I would probably make it longer, although I am really tall, so this is not saying anything against the pattern itself. It actually is a good length for me now, as I will probably be wearing it with high-waisted skirts in the fall.

I got Loops&Thread Soft and Silky in burgundy for the yarn. It is medium (size 4) and really silky and so wonderfully soft, as the name suggests. This yarn is actually really nice to work with, and not too expensive, considering the size of the skein.

Now that I am finished this, I can finally move on to other projects that I have been itching to do. I really want to try out this houndstooth scarf pattern, and my boyfriend wanted me to make him one too. So that is probably next on my list. As well as some Lap-sized afghans for christmas pressies! Gotta start early, because as you may have already figured out, I am an awful procrastinator.

Happy last week of summer!



Hot summer days. Long car rides.

But that's why I sit in the back of the van, spread out my legs and crochet the hours away. Almost done this scarf (details to follow) for winter time!

Hope your weekend is a little cooler and breezier than mine. ☀


Mix and Match Afghan

 So I finished this one a while back. Actually probably close to a year ago. But I just started using it again and have fallen more in love with it since.

This was the first full-sized blanket I made. And I had lots of difficulties with it the whole time. Mostly I ran out of yarn several times and then made due with whatever yarn I had at home by the end of it. I just wanted it to be finished!

When I followed the pattern from the Lionbrand website, the blanket was barley big enough for a twin sized bed. So I added another round of the squares and it ended up being wonderful. The perfect size.
As I said before, this was my first full sized blanket, and the first one that I needed to join squares together. So I just used single crotchets to join them. If I were to do this again, I think I would join-as-as-you-go. Weaving in all those loose ends drive me crazy.

Have a great weekend!


Surprising Myself

I grew up loving to read. I made frequent trips to the library and always came out with my arms filled with books.

Then came high school. English classes require you to read all these awfully long and boring and difficult books. Like Great Expectations, Huckleberry Finn, 1984, and other classics. While I understand that reading these classic American novels can help one become a better and more understanding person. However reading books for enjoyment and reading books for essay writing are two totally different experiences. Two years out of high school, I hadn't picked up a book since an assigned read. And if I am being quite honest, it was because I couldn't remember why I used to like reading.

Well, today I went on a walk. Not a long walk, not an interesting walk. Just some simple way to get me out of the house for a little while and to make sure I got dressed into something other than a work uniform today. I decided to stop in a little used book shop. I like looking at book covers and the colours used. 

I stumbled across this emerald-coloured beauty. In amazing condition and it looks gorgeous with its gold-edged pages. 

Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes. A collection of short stories. I figured that come fall, I won't have much time to myself, but I  could read this on the bus to university in the morning. 

How pretty is this book though?

Any other suggestions for books I should check out?

-- Bee

Saturday Beret

Hello Hello!

It's that time again. It's the time that comes around in my life only a couple times a year. But its back.

It's time to finish those pesky almost-forgotten and almost-finished projects.

My problem is that I love starting new projects. I love the excitement, the shopping, researching, and learning a new pattern. But once it gets to a little over halfway done, I really need to push myself to finish. Of course when it finally is done, there is always that great sense of accomplishment and the excitement of getting to start new projects.

I cleaned out my bedroom the other day and found a little notebook. I figured I should probably write down information about those pesky WIPs incase I leave them too long and forget what size hook I used, the kind of yarn I used, and where I can find the pattern.

And so I began writing and writing, and I came to ten in-progress projects I found laying around my house. So its time to get them finished.

Here's a simple little Beret I just finished last night. It could have taken me one short evening to finish, but I was away on holidays when I started it, and came back to nine other things to work on, plus work and unpacking and laundry and whatever else.

But after a month of sitting around and this unnecessarily long rambling blog post, is this cute and lacey beret.
It would be perfect for fall, when the air is crisp and you want to bundle up, but its not quite cold enough yet. Oh, no one else feels like summers are too long? I'm one of those rare people who spend summer months on the beach while wishing for snow? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, I got the pattern from a book I ordered off Amazon, called Clever Crocheted Accessories. It wasn't too expensive, and there are lots of great projects to crochet. I like the way they lay the book out, and the way they take a complicated or fairly unknown technique and use it to make something small. Perfects gifts to make for christmas in here!

-- Bee

Pinwheel Afghan!

I have had this friend my whole life. We went to school together, travelled Europe together, and graduated from high school the same year. I was hoping that we would go to university together, but instead, she decided to participate in a year-long service trip to South Korea. A whole year apart. At first I missed seeing her all the time, but we both got used to it. She came home last week. As a welcome home/ birthday gift for her I made her an afghan.

Pinwheel Afghan Pattern

with color A, ch a multiple of 10 stitches, plus one

row 1:  turn. ch 1, 2 sc,  *skip 3 chs, 7 dcs in next st, sk 3 chs, 3 scs* ; repeat from * to * ending with 2 scs. 

row 2:  turn.  change to color b, ch 2.  dc4together over (sc, sc, dc, dc),  *ch 3, 3 scs, ch 3, dc7tog over (dc, dc, sc, sc, sc, dc, dc)*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with dc4tog over (dc, dc, sc, sc), sk tch. 

row 3:  turn.  ch 2.  4 dcs in dc4tog,  *sk ch-3, 3 scs, sk ch-3, 7 dcs in dc7tog*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with 4 dcs in dc4tog, sk turning ch. 

row 4:  turn.  change to color a, ch 1.  2 scs,  *ch 3, dc7tog (over dc, dc, sc, sc, sc, dc, dc),  ch 3,  3 scs*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with 2 scs, sk turning ch.

repeat rows 1-4


-- Bee