DIY: Sweatshirt Pillow

I'm sure we all have them: that bulky out of date sweatshirt that you can't get rid of because of the sentimentality it possesses. I know I gave up wearing my Germany-Canada Exchange sweater a long time ago. Actually, shortly after I received it. My head was too big for the too-small head opening. And then it shrunk in the wash and the arms were too tight. But I couldn't get rid of it! This was memorabilia from my amazing 6-month journey.

But it was getting rather bulky and taking too much room in my little overstuffed closet. What do you do with something so special but so awful at the same time?

Make it into a pillow.

DIY Sweatshirt Pillow

Excuse my poor poor tutorial photography. I like to work and just get things done, and usually forget to take pictures of the steps. Or else I forget where I left my camera.

Step One: Lay out your sweater as flat and wrinkle-free as possible. Pin down ( I just pinned it to my carpet)

Step Two: Trace out/ measure out and draw an outline of your pillow. (Turns out my ModCloth box was the perfect size)

 Step Three and Four: Repeat the first two steps for the backside.

 Step Five: Cut the sweater alone the seams.

 Step Six: cut along your pillow outline.

 (Here's where I started forgetting to photograph steps).
Step Seven: I used the bottom elasticy part of the sweater as the side so my finished pillow would be wider. So cut it out and pin it to a front side of your pillow. 

Step Eight: Sew the other front panel to the side panel. Be sure to leave it open on one side!

Step Nine: Stuff it! 
Step Ten: Hand sew the open part closed. 

And there you have it! I promise I will work on my DIY photography. If I ever do this again, I will add pictures to the gaps I left here.

Have a great week!


DIY Inspirations

If only I didn't have a two jobs and exams coming up again... I would be spending the entire weekend DIYing. Pinterest is an amazing and dangerous tool.

Some things on my to-do list:

1. Double-Stranded Lace Hair Band-- This is so easy that even my amateur sewing skills would be able to do this! 
2. Leather Bow Hair Elastics-- For when I am just to lazy to do anything to my bed head other than throw it up in a ponytail. This certainty adds some easy cute to an outfit.
3. Silver Beaded Bracelets--stocking stuffers??
4. Leather Envelope-- so when I put my iPhone into my overstuffed school bag it doesn't get so beaten up.

Check out my Pinterest page and check back soon for my versions of these amazing DIYs.

Enjoy the long-awaited weekend after a long and stressful week!


In Progress

I haven't been able to get this idea out of my head.

It started with this post I wrote, and that beautifully knitted scarf that inspired me so much.

Then I finished and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of making this pineapple fan shawl. I love pineapple patterns.

I scoured every inch of Ravelry, searching for that perfect crochet pattern that would satisfy my vision. Unfortunately, there were plenty of close-patterns, plenty of beautiful-but-not-what-I-needed patterns, plenty that I added to my list of things to make after Christmas, but nothing that was just right.

The closest I found was SmoothFox's Pineapple Scarf Pattern. Which is really pretty. But not exactly what I was looking for.

What I wanted, this almost exactly this; but it would have two rows of pineapples that would weave around with each other. 
So I have been pattern creating this week! Hopefully soon there will be a post with a written post about it! I am really excited to try it out. 
Keep Smiling! 

Herringbone Scarf

I finished this one off Thanksgiving weekend. A road trip project.

 I got the pattern from Clever Crocheted Accessories, it was a variation on a double crochet. It took some getting used to, but I think it turned out pretty nicely.


Pineapple Fan Crochet Shawl

It seems not too long ago that I started making this stunning shawl. I can hardly believe I actually finished it. That I was actually able to finish it.
I haven't done much in respect to lace-work crochet. I love the way a good lace project looks, but it seemed like something that the professional, highly-experienced crocheters would do.

All that being said, I loved the way this pattern worked up. I loved crocheting it. I loved the way the simple chain-3 spaces and shells felt so easy, so comfortable. I loved stopping, laying out my half finished project out, and stepping back to admire. Every easy and fast-to-complete row made the pattern look so much more complete. It looked amazing. I loved the pattern. The amount of math, and pulling at ones hair that must have gone into writing out the finished pattern. I wish I had the ability to create an amazing and mathematical and beautiful pattern like that.

Anyway, I used this pattern, which I got off of Ravelry. I did have some trouble reading it, but I am glad I pushed through and finished.

I used Cascade Pima Silk in Pastel Sea Green. It's a nice yarn to use. It doesn't look like it will fray or pill much, with is great. It's soft and drapes nicely, too.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I made it as a Christmas gift, so after the holidays I will post more pictures!

Happy Weekend!


Handmade Holidays: Slouchy Toque

I got this awesome bulky yarn the other day. Cream coloured and so soft. I got one ball of it to start, but ended up going back the next day for 4 more. I had so many ideas for it and the little bit I had wouldn't cut it.

Last year, the first not-too-embarassing-to-wear-out-in-public-hat that I had ever made shrank in the wash. A devastating turn of events. it had kept my ears warm in the bitter canadian winter for years. But  this new yarn would make me a beautiful new one. 

But then, I remembered that our exchange student's birthday was on wednesday, and I should maybe make her that had that she had been begging for. So my yarn would be used for something a little different. Good thing I bought enough. 

And this white yarn would provide the perfect start for a Canadian souvenir / birthday present.

Slouchy Toque Pattern

What you need: 
-Bulky Yarn (this pattern won't be so slouchy if its not with bulky weight yarn)
-6.5mm hook

 ch 4, join to first ch to form a loop.
Round 1: ch 2, 8 dc in ring. Join to first dc with sl st.
Round 2: ch 2, 2 dc in each dc around. join to first dc with sl st.
Round 3: ch 2, *dc in next st, 2 dc in next st*. repeat from * to * around. join with sl st to first dc. 
Round 4: ch 2, * dc in next 2 sts, 2 dc in next st*. repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to first dc.
Round 5: ch 2, * dc in next 3 sts, 2 dc in next st*. repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to first dc.
Round 6: ch 2, * dc in next 4 sts, 2 dc in next st*. repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to first dc.
Round 7: ch 2, dc around. join with sl st to first dc.
Round 8-14: repeat round 7 (NOTE: if you want your hat 'slouchier', add more rounds. If you want it less slouchy, put in less rounds)
Round 15: ch 2, *fpdc in next dc, bpdc in next dc.* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to first fpdc.
Round 16: ch 2, *fpdc in next fpdc, bpdc in next bpdc* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to first fpdc. 
Round 17: repeat round 16 (NOTE: if you want a longer 'cuff', repeat round 16 again.) Fasten off. 

I made two of these hats in a day, after finishing off a shawl I had been making for my mom. They work up really quickly. The second one I made ( the one that I will keep for myself) I made a bit longer so I could fold over the "cuff" and keep my ears extra warm. 

The first one that I made, I added a red cross-stitch pattern just above the "cuff". It makes it a little more Canadian. In a very tasteful and adorable way. 


I made this one for my friend out of
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Stripes

Happy October! 

-- Bee

October Blues.

I have been in somewhat of a creative slump. I want to make a scarf out of this awesome super bulky creme coloured yarn that I got at a thrift store. I started with a pinwheel pattern ( see pinwheel blanket). But It wasn't what I was imagining my scarf would look like. So halfway through, I took it apart.

Then I decided to try out this " herringbone knot scarf" from Clever Crocheted Accessories, but I again, halfway through it wasn't what I was looking for.

Today I was at school and I saw someone wearing a ( obviously store-bought) knitted scarf. It was grey, but the pattern had these open leaves worked throughout. Its times like these that I wish I knew how to knit. 

So I scoured the internet, trying to find some sort of reverse-filet crochet pattern that would fulfill my scarf-woes. 

I couldn't find anything. 

But lucky for you people out there, that means there will be a pattern coming up! Check back soon, I already have plans for this scarf!

Happy October!