Star Stitch Infinity Scarf

Hello Hello :)

These blogging days have kinda been about playing catch up.
And I have been using my blogging time as time away from studying anatomy.

But anyway... While this pretty scarf doesn't come with an official pattern, I can tell you how it was made!

Start by chaining 301 or an odd number of stitches. 301 does seem pretty long, but the nature of the stitch makes it condense quite a bit. If you are wanting a shorter scarf, I would suggest chaining 251.

Crochet Today has a good tutorial here.
This video is also helpful.

I wanted all my stars to be on the same side, so I did every even numbered row single crochet. 

When it was wide enough, I joined the ends together to make a loop. 

And there you have it! 
It was really fun to learn how to make, and way easier to get the hang of than you would think! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Snow Day Bonnet

My friend sent me a pin once. I think she mostly meant it as a joke, but it actually happened, and it makes me laugh every time I think of it.

I made one for my dog, Murphy, and one for my sister as a Christmas gift.

Find the pattern here, on one of my favourite blogs :) For the person-sized one, I finished it off in shell stitch of the accent colour. It turned out to be the perfect finishing touch. 

The poor thing is always so embarrassed to put it on. 

I hope all that cuteness made you smile. I promise this week is almost over.


Tunisian Cowl

Happy New Year :)

I know, I have been in a blogging slump lately. So I hope the first few weeks of 2014 have treated you all well.

I have been crocheting. Well, I did right up until school started again. Now all I have time for is sleeping and reading. Fortunately, I am done all the math courses I will need for my degree, so I am full of hope for this semester.

Over the holidays, I picked up my Tunisian crochet hook again, eager to learn a new stitch or two. So I learned the "Full Stitch", and enjoyed re-watching Downton Abbey while making this comfy cozy cowl.

Tunisian Full Stitch is so full of texture. I love the squishiness of the yarn combined with the versatility of the texture.
I used Thick & Quick yarn in a creamy colour with gold sparkles. Perfectly warm and festive.

I used this video to learn the stitch. Just chain 60 to start, and keep going until it covers your head.
Or as I did, crochet for two episodes of Downton Abbey.
Then just bind off and sew the sides together.

Sorry for the poorly taken pictures. I took them with my phone, just because I wanted to get this post out there. Its bothering me that I have to play catch up, and I feel bad for being so absent on my blog.

Anyway, enjoy this sorry excuse for a "pattern" and enjoy learning a new stitch. Please ask any questions. I understand how vague this is. Email me or comment on this post, I will try to help you out as much as possible.  :)