Do you have one of those fears, that you look at other people doing it and think, "woah I wish I could do that,  I bet it would be fun"? For example, skydiving. I don't think I would ever have the guts to go and throw myself out of a plane, but I always look up and a strange jealous awe at those crazy people.

On a much smaller scale, knitting is another of these jealous awe kind of fears. Watching those needles clicking away, doing crazy cables, or using DPNs, I just have to cringe a little. I won't ever be able to do that, but man, I wish I could.

I have thrown myself out of the plane.
Diving into the world of knitting patterns.

Crazy exaggeration alert. Knitting is not at all on the same danger/adrenaline level as skydiving. But you get where I am coming from.

Having slowly learned casting on, knitting and purling, but still not falling for the craft, I decided I needed a big, concentration-grabbing project. Something for a slightly-above-beginner knitter. Even though I am almost less than a beginner, I figure this would be a good way to get myself into this scary and jaw-dropping craft. And hopefully soon I will be able to make this sweater from Vogue Knitting (yeah right).

I'll let you know if this theory works.



In a world of electronic resources, I am still stuck in paper.
I have a love of craft magazines. 
While this collection is mostly Crochet magazines, I have only made a small handful of patterns from a few of them. This fact makes me wonder: Why do I keep buying them?

I have a subscription to Interweave Crochet and Mollie Makes (previously Crochet Today!). 
Every time I am at the bookstore, I check to see if Inside Crochet or Simply Crochet are in yet. 
My favourite section of thrift stores are those vintage magazine pattern books. Sometimes because it makes me giggle, sometimes because I figure it would make a nice addition to my ongoing vintage magazine collection (yes, world, I have packrat tendencies...shhhh).

But, even in my darkest, inspiration-less slumps that not even Pinterest or Ravelry can cure, my magazines usually can. The articles, the bright pictures, themed patterns, cute puns, and funny finds, I can find some sort of new enthusiasm for my crafty needs.

But every time I go to the cash register with my new magazine, I think, couldn't I find similar things for free online?

So, dear friends, I ask you, do you subscribe to / buy ((insert craft here)) magazines? Do you use the patterns? Or do Google, Pinterest and kind bloggers suffice for your inspiration needs?


The Lately List

In Progress: Well, almost in progress. I got this book recently, and decided I would try to make myself one of the dresses. While at the fabric store I made a friend. This little guy looks grumpy, but he is actually very sweet! 
I am also still working on this. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of July though! Check back soon :) 

Life: Recently been loving Mollie Makes magazine. I started getting it because I had a subscribtion to Crochet Today!, but they stopped making it. I don't know if I would ever actually make any of the projects, but something about the articles, colours, fun printed pages... It all equals something very inspiring. Part of me wants to cut out pieces and paste them on my wall to keep that inspiration rolling in all the time. Another part of me wants to keep the magazines together in their beautifulness. Any input?

Online: I restarted my love of Bloglovin'. I first joined probably around a year ago when I started this little blog. I got all click happy and started just following a bazillion blogs, just because. Over the course of this year, I stopped checking it, but I started actively following other blogs, and just putting them in my bookmarks bar. Eventually, I had so many at the top of my safari page,  I needed a folder, which eventually lead me to think, "what was that website again?". So I started bloglovin' over. And I am so happy I did. Such an awesome way to view our nice bloggy friends sites.
Speaking of which, if you want to follow me, go right ahead! Click here!

Music: Always love me some Frank Sinatra. Just fly me to the moon.

Quote: I have had some of these moments recently.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


DIY Gold Wire Bead Rings

You know what is a huge blessing? Having dear friends who enjoy DIY-ing and general craftiness as I much as I do. I am not yet so lucky as to have many of these friends, but the one I do is just so lovely and wonderful. AND related to me. She's awesome.

Anyway,  tonight we spent some time in mostly silent concentration and watching Tom Hanks search for Leo DiCaprio while Leonardo stole millions of dollars. (Side bar: She also loves Tom Hanks nearly as much as I do.) And while we sat, we fashioned ourselves some little rock rings. Super easy to do! Keep scrolling for general instructions!

Materials needed: 
-Gold wire, make sure its thin enough to go through your beads!
- beads. We used little rocks with holes in them.
-wire clippers

Now, pretty much the best instructions I can give you, is just be creative. There are like a billion ways to wrap that wire around and through the bead to make it stay put. Try different things.

My favourite way was to start the bead in the middle of the wire and wrap both ends right close to the bead. Pretty simple in theory. But it took practice to get it right.

If the bead allowed it, I also liked to leave one end of the wire in the hole of the bead, then wrap the wire around the bead at random, make a big loop for your finger, and finish by sticking the end in the other side of the hole of the bead. Its needs to be pretty long, but this is a cool way of doing it, because you can't see either end of the wire! No getting poked!

You creative and talented people out there can figure out your own way to do this too. I would love to see your creations!

Enjoy your week ahead!


The Lately List

My apologies for blogging silence! Its summer, and if I am not working or running errands, I am crocheting and watching Americas Got Talent. No excuse, really, I know, but it is what it is.

In Progress: I am happy that I am finally making patterns for my (no exaggeration) dozens of unused crochet magazines. I may be the only one who loves buying pattern books and magazines, but rarely uses them. I have, however, recently been making garments Inside Crochet and Simply Crochet. Figures that the Europeans would have more practicaland fashionable patterns available.
Anyway, the Dorothy Wrap for my sister. I crochet things for her, she paints me watercolour bunnies. Fair deal, I think.

Life: I work part-time in a tiny little mall. And finally, a new bookstore opened up and it is adorable. The owner is hilarious, and I got this perfectly and beautifully made sewing pattern book. I went back to work after buying this with loss of breath and near tears. Fashionable, beginner and intermediate patterns? Check. 20 patterns for thirty dollars? Check check. Fashion Icon and vintage inspired styles in modern day sizes? Check check check. Seriously gorgeous illustrations.... I could go on obviously. But I'm all worked up again, so I'll stop there for today. Check back though. There is an Audrey LBD that is calling my name!

Online: inspired to make more Fair Isle-esq sweaters. But with maximum of three muted colours. Colours freak me out. { Photo source: Ravelry's Elinor}

Music: I recently saw this awesome Calgary-based group busking. Can we just go on a nice long drive through the prairies listening to them? With nothing to see but blue skies and bright yellow canola fields? Yes, I think that's a good fit.

Quote: I spend a week touring around the inner city with youth from my church. We spend the days serving different ministries and organizations and learning a ton. I could speak about this experience forever. But one place, Light House Mission, stuck with me. They will let anyone come in for a bite to eat or to get new clothes. Absolutely anyone, and won't turn anyone away. Which blows my mind. Thier motto is "Love all. Serve all." I hope this can be a reminder to love all even outside of this ministry.

Hope you all are having an awesome and safe and yarny summer  :)