The Lately List

In Progress// I started getting bored of making this shawl, a free pattern by Berroco. Its just a whole lot of moss stitch (although it is beautiful and so squishy!). But it is the perfect pattern for taking around in my bag with me everywhere I go. I am that wierdo that knits on the bus, bus stop, in the school cafeteria, in line to pay for my drivers licence, on my lunch break, and so on and so forth. When I am at home and want to be crafty, I have been starting Christmas presents. Which are probably not going to be shown on this here blog until after the holidays (sorry folks!).

Life// Impulse buys. Yeah, you know what I mean. Step into my shoes, and see how my shopping trips go:
You are in line at the craft store with arms full of yarn (when you came in for just one skein), and you see this little funny tin. Which would be perfect for scissors and stitch markers and other little things that need to by kept close to yarny projects. You pick it up, laugh, and carefully balance it on top of your mountain of yarn (don't worry, it was all in sale, and have that gift card from your birthday).

Online// Loving Helene's (of Helene in Between) blog. I am not, and don't ever think I could be, a lifestyle and "just write about anything" blogger like her, but she is pulling it off with style, grace, and humour, and I love to read her blog every morning. It's all good.

Music// Little Green Cars. Super cool band. Especially this song, and The John Wayne.

Quote// "You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having"-- Frank Lloyd Wright.
((note to self: keep this in mind for school--one week!))


Itty Bitty Baby Booties

My friend is expecting a little one in September (yay babies!). What better excuse to make some itty bitty booties for the new bundle of joy?

I got some inspiration from Ravelry, but I kind of just skimmed the basic pattern that I had chosen and went for it.

I made these exclusively with the grey, then made a long yellow chain and wove it through the little holes. I think its a cute and simple twist on a classic.

I always seem to get major second sock syndrome when making mittens, slippers, socks, etcetera, etcetera. But when they take 10 minutes to make, its not so bad.

How do you beat second sock syndrome? I have another pair of adult sized slippers that I have been needing (and avoiding) to make.


Knitter's Guilt

You fellow crocheters will know how proudly we correct people who say "oh what are you knitting?" and "Great sweater! Did you knit that?". Uh yeah, It's crochet. 

Now that I am knitting there seems to be some... knitters guilt? I don't know. Its like I am purposefully ignoring the little cries of my crochet hook collection. Its because on my "Crafty Make List" there is absolutely no crochet. Its filled with knit! I don't have a "Crocheted Christmas" list this year. Its all about what I can knit for people. And the only thing on my wish list is a nice set of wooden interchangeable knitting needles. 

Knitters Guilt. It's a thing. 

I don't know if it will go away. I don't know if I will just get used to it. But I just want to be happily knitting and purling the day away without the shame of forgetting about my crochet. 

Anyone else ever make the big crochet-to-knit switch and feel a little sad, but mostly ecstatic about it? 

Oh well. I am actually thoroughly enjoying myself. Joyfully Creating. Thats what I do. 

Have a good one folks!

Try Something New

"A person who never made a mistake never tried something new"-Albert Einstein

Sunburst Hat

Guys. I'm falling in love. And fast.


This is such an unexpected change. I have always been so strictly a crocheter, being afraid of the 2 needles and dropped stitches that knitting comes with. But here we are, now all living in a world where I not only know how to knit, but am also loving it.

I have decided that the best way to learn a new skill is to find small, manageable projects in which you learn several new skills. So I chose this pattern. Check it out. So cute!

Things I learned while making the Sunburst Hat:
-joining stitches in the round.
-garter stitch & stockinette in the round
- cables!
-decreasing (k2tog)
-finishing off
-Knitting uses so much less yarn than crochet.

So excited about this! It won't be my last project!


The Lately List

In Progress// I'm sewing for now! This is because I am waiting for my yarn order to come in for the rest of my knit sweater... So here we are. It nice that I have a list of things I want to get done before school starts again. But I am itching to get back into knitting...

Online// 1-2-3 These posts on simplicity are inspiring and make me think a lot. My cluttered bedroom is a little crazy.

Life// Getting ready for school is my favourite time of summer. Because Back-to-School shopping is awesome. My favourite local stationary shop, Tiny Feast, in Winnipeg, is making it so much more fun too. I have been going in for one item at a time so I can go there as many times as possible.

Music//... or more like books. I have been listening to audiobooks. Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs starts with a great little introduction. I may have started the CD over and over so I could listen to it again and again.

Quote// Speaking of which, here's that little paragraph at the beginning of this great book.

The Gathering
 “Choosing your wool is dizzying with potential:  the waves of colours and textures tempt with visions of a sweater or cap (and all the accompanying compliments you hope to receive) but don’t reveal the hard work required to get there.  Patience and attention to detail make all the difference.  Also willingness.  Challenge keeps it interesting, but don’t select a pattern that is so far beyond you.  Always select the best yarn you can afford.  And use the type of needle that feels best in your hand;  I always use bamboo.  Even now, it still seems unbelievable to me that by pulling together a motley collection – the soft yarn, the sharp needles, the scripted pattern, the smoothing hook, the intangibles of creativity – you can create something that will hold a piece of your soul.  But you can.”

Preview: Dorothy Wrap

As you may have seen in this post, I had been working on this awesome pattern from Inside Crochet Magazine.
Its not model-able yet, it still needs a good blocking and there are about a bazillion ends to weave in, but heres a little preview for you! It has inspired more fair isle in me. Maybe even in knit, although I do love Tunisian crochet.

-- Bee

The Lately List

In Progress// As I mentioned last week, I'm back on trying to knit! Its coming along! I'm actually learning things (thanks, youtube). Perhaps there will be a sweater to show soon... (probably not)

In Real Life// Loving Cascade 220. Merino Wool....mmmmmm...

Online// Loving Leney's blog. She seems like one of those people I would get along with really well. Ever get that feeling?
Quote// "Why not go out on a limb? Thats where the fruit is." --Mark Twain. I love this, because school is coming up and its always a mini goal of mine to get out of my comfort zone. But I also love this because its almost time to climb those little apple trees in my backyard to get the most delicious red apples! (you can get this print on Etsy)

Music// Been listening to / belting-out-to-with-the-car-windows-down to ABBA. Embarrassing or awesome?

So I've made up my mind, this {post} must come to an end...

(please excuse my bad jokes)

DIY Stitch Markers

Are you ready for the easiest tutorial ever?

Seriously, I struggle to call it a "tutorial".

1. Get a paperclip. I like the colourful ones for this.
2. Flatten out the paperclip
3. Bend it into a "U"
4. Twist the ends together.

Estimated start to finish time: 20 seconds

... I told you it was easy.

This silliness came along after I broke almost all my crochet stitch markers. You know, the clip ones, made of stiff plastic? Yeah, they don't work all that well. So while I was sitting around at work on a very quiet long-weekend day, I twisted several of these into shape to use.

Now I must get back to knitting.

Have an awesome week!


Learning to Knit via Youtube

I considered going to a class to learn to knit. But I was too anxious to get started on this sweater, so here we are. YouTube taught me everything I know.

My first few mini-projects, I started out by casting on like this, but I always had a hard time controlling the tension. AKA, it seemed like I was trying to strangle those poor knitting needles.
Starting this sweater, though, I decided to try something different, and the swatch went so well, I went along with it for the sweater. This video helped me:

Knitting was pretty easy to get the hang of. Purling, however, made me want to pull out my hair. This video helped me along though:

This sweater has a longer back than front, but it is worked in the round. So when its time to add the front on, you have to cast on with the Backward Loop Method. The pattern comes along with a whole bunch of helpful links, but still pictures don't help all that much. This video got me started, and these pictures helped me pick up stitches in the cast on row later.

So thats my start! How did you learn to knit? Any other helpful links I should check out?


Calling All Knitters!

Hi guys. Today I come to you in a effort to get some help from you

You may know that recently I started knitting.
A crocheter at heart, I wanted to try, this other yarny craft, but it is always so heartbreaking and breath-stopping to drop a stitch. 
That's why I have always preferred crochet. Loose a stitch? No problem, just do it over. Lose a stitch knitting? The whole thing falls apart. 

I am in the habit of taking yarn everywhere, I like to knit/crochet on my work breaks. But on days like today, when I come to my break and see that some stitches have fallen off and run down, how can I fix this?

Comment or email! Thanks in advance! 


When You're Curious

"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."--Walt Disney

Happy weekend!