Its no secret that I love Instagram. Almost as much as I love Pinterest.
So I thought I would share some of my favourite photos I have shared on Instagram.

Follow me on Instagram! I promise it not just pictures of my dog and changing season type pictures... although I see how you would get that impression from this little collection!

Lets make it a great week!

In Progress Report

I am feeling so inspired right now! Especially to finish my first knit sweater.
I needed to order my yarn in, and silly yarn makers took their sweet time sending it ( it took over a month to get to me). So now I have to juggle sweater making and school. School usually wins the battle.

Some things I am learning:
-I love the pattern. I hate the pattern. Thats because its  a lot of knit stitch. It looks so beautifully simple, but it gets pretty tedious to make.
- I am always falling more in love with the colours I chose.
- My knitting needles, which are beautiful and wooden, are getting softer and softer with use.
-Circular knitting needles rock. Although I knew that before.
- I am getting so much faster and more precise at knitting! Like, I can read blogs or textbooks while knitting!
-I am nervous and excited to get to the armhole shaping. That should probably start to happen this week!

Enjoy the Autumn weather!

On Being Completely Crazy

I was having a short conversation with my good friend about planning craft store trips. She casually said that I was (and I quote), completely crazy.

Am I? Crazy? I mean guess in some ways I am different than most people my age. A quiet evening at home alone is a really good time for me. I don't like going out late at night. I don't like popular music,  I love yarn, I love planning trips to unknown craft stores, I love exploring new crafts.

But completely crazy? While to me, this seemed a little extreme, she justified it. "I truly appreciate some genuine passionate crazy in people". How beautifully said and totally true

Go out in the world and be seen crazy to others. Take your passions and pleasure seriously. 


Braided Crown Headband

You know all those super pretty braid crowns that have been so popular lately? Yeah, the ones I always want to pin, but then don't because I can't braid all fancy like that. But you know what I can do? Knit!
And now I present to you: my knitted reply to the braided crowns.

A quick search on Ravelry gave me a whole bunch of patterns. My favourite part of the Ravelry pattern search is checking the boxes on the left-hand side. I want a knit, free, easy pattern in bulky yarn. And presto, the perfect pattern for you.

Do you have any other patterns I could check out? I would love to see!

Happy Monday everyone!


The Lately List

Hello Again! I hope September has been kind to you so far!

In Progress// I am working on this sweater. "Working on" means I get to do a couple rounds a day at best, because, goodness gracious, is ever school kicking my butt this year. But spending even a few minutes on a bus or before I fall asleep knitting really takes my tension away.
(Side note: "date night" picture. When I want to knit, he turns on the video games.)

Life// Ok. Best thrift store find of my life! A nice, big, leather, vintage Samsonite bag. It holds my water bottle, laptop, notepad, book, pencil case, wallet, umbrella and other small knick-knacks perfectly. And I paid a whopping $1.50 for it. Yay!
Online// Have you seen Sherlock? On Netflix? I know I am late getting on this bandwagon, but how cool is he?

Quote// I love the imagery in this sentence. I am in a writing course this semester, so I have been analyzing prose all the time. Plus side, I got Lately List quotes for years.

Music// I heard this song on the bus home the other day, and it just brought me back. 

Have a good one!


Manitoba Fibre Festival

This past weekend, I went to the second annual Manitoba Fibre Festival. Let me tell you about it!
Have you ever gone to a Fibre Festival? I mean, if your area has one, you should mark your calendars, switch shifts with your co workers and count down the days (thats what I did). My hype was sooo worth it. Being only the second that the Winnipeg area has seen, it was my first Fibre Fest. It was exactly as I expected and completely different. I don't even know if I can even explain why. It was simply wonderful. The like minded people, all ages and from all different walks of life. All coming together because we want to support handmade products and producers. Oh, and because we all love fibre.

Anyway, I thought I would show off some of my purchases!

A super pretty, and only slightly out of my knitting skill league, the Rhizome Hat (also available on Ravelry here)

 Two super amazingly soft skeins of alpaca wool. This was the yarn I could absolutely not leave without. Now I just need to find a pattern that puts this yarn into the spotlight.

Alpaca Sticky notes? Yep! Just in time for school to start!

The Oh-so-soft-and-wonderful pom pom! Hats have never been more fun.

 A Thrummed mitten kit! Probably also too advanced for my knitting, but it will be wonderful to try. Maybe over the Christmas break!

Did someone order a giant crochet hook? Oh that was me. I am so excited about this one. Its made of maplewood, and it is just so pretty. Maybe I'll make a super chunky blanket in the future.

I had a grand old time at the Fibre Fest this year. Do you have anything similar in your area?


Triangle Hat

Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecke. Drei Ecke hat mein Hut.
Maybe you didn't know this, but I am (read: used to be) fluent in German. As in, I learned German at the same time I was learning to speak English. And then I went to Billingual school until high school.
This hat, originally called the Dreiecke Hat by Very Shannon, reminded me of this little song I used to sing in German. My hat, it has three corners. Three corners has my hat.

I did not use the pattern you can buy from her website, and if I did, I would probably be happier with the result. On my hat, the triangles are there, but not as beautifully vivid as hers. I am still happier with how it turned out though, and it did have a ton of fun making up my own pattern for it. You can visit Very Shannon's blog, Ravelry, or Etsy, and buy the original pattern for yourself!

Happy September! Are you headed back to school or work?


Taking Stock

In my life, there are a few times a year that I like to take time and make some new goals for myself and see how far I have come since last year. Obviously, New Years is one, my birthday is another, and the start of a school year is probably my favourite. I'm just so excited to actually start my life after university. So here I am taking stock.

Making : sweaters, hats, shawls, headbands
Cooking : Pesto Pasta
Drinking : Oreo Iced Capps from Tim Hortons
Reading: knitting magazines 
Wanting: a new iron 
Looking: for interchangeable knitting needles online
Playing: Dutch Blitz & Chinese Checkers
Wasting: sunshine
Singing: Love is an Open Doo-ooo-ooor
Sewing: dresses...slowly
Loving:  Winnipeg's Exchange District 
Wishing: felt hats & straw hats
Enjoying: Birkenstocks 
Waiting: for autumn
Liking: audiobooks
Hoping: for Winnipeg's inner city 
Marvelling: cloudy sunsets
Needing: tea in the mornings
Smelling: freshly mowed lawns & rain
Wearing: tshirt dresses
Following: Instagram everyday
Noticing: beauty in the forgotten 
Knowing: not enough 
Thinking: anything and everything
Bookmarking: quotes 
Opening: the window at night
Giggling: Americas Got Talent
Feeling: super fine (#yarnpun) 

Its been a beautifully simple, quiet and sweet summer. I had wonderful learning opportunities, which I hold so dear in my heart and am still learning from. I would love to live in this quiet summertime for a little longer, but I am so excited to see what the school year holds.

Want to take stock yourself? Go here to copy and paste! Add your own items, take some out. And post a comment with the link to your blog. I would love to see!