To Knit or not to Knit

I could probably finish this ridiculous sweater this month. I am done midterms and only have one paper to work on. All month.
I don’t want to.
I just really am not enjoying it anymore. 
I never feel the “I have spare time! I am going to knit my sweater!”
Its usually something more like “I guess I should knit this thing so its not in my way anymore”

So here is the conundrum, and I will leave it up to you. 
Should I finish it, get it done, finally be able to wear it and love it and be the coziest ever, OR
should I leave it, work on something else, wait for that inspiration to come back and wait for that love for it to come back?

What would you do? Do you ever feel the same?


Why I Don't Sell My Knitting/ Crocheting Projects

"If you crochet / knit so often, why don't you sell?"
It’s a hard question to answer, but one that I get often.
It’s also something I have toyed with, opening an Etsy shop that is. Who knows, maybe its in my future, but at this point, it isn’t something I want to do.

Now, let me go all psychology student on you for a minute and explain this from my textbook’s point of view. (This post is brought to you by exam time and writing this is my counts in my study time)
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation:
Intrinsic Motivation is what I feel about knitting and crocheting right now- the desire to do something because you enjoy it. Extrinsic Motivation is doing that activity because of external rewards, like money or pressure from others.
My textbook goes on to talk about when you start doing something for fun, when an extrinsic factor is applied, all exciting intrinsic motivation can be totally lost. This is what I am avoiding.

Other reasons:
-I have a part-time job, so I earn money to pay for school and life that way
-I am already too distracted my yarn, I don’t need the pressure to please customers making me put my school work to the side.
-Right now, I don’t want the pressure on me to make just for the sake of selling. I don’t want to miss out on all the learning I can do. 

This is not to say I won’t ever change my mind. I might. I do take requests and charge a little over the price of yarn. Right now I have bigger dreams than selling my crafts, which is why I am sitting at university and reading textbooks (and telling all of you about what is in my textbook, apparently). 

How do you feel about this subject? Do you sell your products? Do you want to start? Leave a comment below!

- - Bee 

Lets Talk Colours: Dorothy Wrap

Its strange to look back at my archives and see how amazingly plain the colours I choose are. I am mostly over run with browns, tans, blacks, whites and blues.
Which is strange. And not. I know what I like, I know what I will wear. I know that a brown toque will get much more wear than a crazy colourful one. So that’s what I have.

THIS, however, is a totally different story. Colour work galore. Let me tell you, my sister was not cool with how much time I spent hemming and hawing about which colours belong together.

Although this project was for her, she didn’t really care about the colours. She is the artsy one. The one who can smack any shades on a canvas and make it look awesome.
So in the end, I trusted her non-stress and just went with it. And I got to use some yarn from my stash along the way.

This pattern is from Inside Crochet issue 54. I finished it, then my sister asked if I could make it a vest instead of a wrap as shown in the magazine. So I just sewed the sides together. I wish she would have asked me sooner, then I could have made the pattern line up along the side, but oh well. It is what it is now.

This was really fun to make (other than the colour stress I experienced) and inspired more colour work in future projects. It was so fun to learn new Tunisian Crochet techniques, how to read charts, how any Fair Isle knitting chart can be turned into a Tunisian crochet chart. 


Best Links for DIY Blog Design

You know whats hard? Blogging. You know whats really hard to learn? HTML coding. Which really, is the part that makes blogging fun.
If you can make your blog look professional and look like a reflection of yourself (I mean, I am no expert, but) I think people will like coming back to visit and revisit your blog.

1. Picmonkey
On every "Top Blogger Resourses" List out there is Picmonkey.
This is for a very good reason: it's awesome. 
I use it iPhoto for little fixes, but then use Pickmonkey for resizing images so they fit cleanly in my blog. And it's free, so... worth it.

2. Header
Pretty basic, but its the first tiny thing you can do to make your blog looking good (insert emoji with sunglasses here).
I love Wonder Forest's tutorial, because she takes you through how to make a header, and how to make a header with strong impact.

3. Gallery Archives
Easy to do, but if you have a lot of posts you want to organize, this can take a nice long time.
I recently updated mine (click the crochet and knitting tabs to see how nice they look!) and I followed this tutorial by Laura's Crafty Life. Thank you Laura!

4. Add your own Pin It button
Did you know that you can add your own Pin It button? Like, just make one, and then have it appear every time someone hovers over your picture.

5. Favicon
In the address bar, you see my website name and the flowers from my header. Those flowers are the favicon. It is so easy to add your own, and this tutorial is so helpful.

6. Photobucket
Lots of times you need to import a picture website onto your blog to make these tutorials work. Photobucket helps make this super easy. And its free!

Let me just say: What do I know about being a professional blogger? Next to nothing. Blogging is a hobby of mine, something I do for fun. I love the creative outlet that I have gained, even though I do not have a great big following yet. But why not share a few things I have learned!

Any other awesome links I should add?
Let me know below!


Crafty Queue

Let me begin by saying that the word "queue" may be my least favourite word to spell. Why so many vowels and so little syllables?

Alright. Moving on.

List of things in I am going to make:

1. Have to finish this sweater. uggghhh I am so close to the end but slowing down so much. I just have to finish the back shoulders and the sleeves. I just need to stay motivated.

2. make the second mitten of this set. And then most likely connect them with a long chain so I don't loose them all winter long.

3. This one I can't say. Its a secret santa secret gift and he/she may be reading this very post. Must be finished by December 21st.

4. This sweater! Remember when I tried making this sweater? Well now I am going to take all the yarn apart and make this sweater from Inside Crochet. My plan is to make it during the winter break. Fingers crossed that this time it works for me.

5. And sometime finish this shawl that I seem to have put away and ignored since summer time. oops.

Whats on your list ( or "queue")?


More Than They Deserve

"Part of kindness is loving people more than they deserve"- John Joubert

Even when the car that you slowed down for to let them in doesn't wave a 'thank you' at you;
Even when they talk on the phone while paying for their groceries;
Even when they don't move to the back of the bus to make room for a few more people;
Even when they take the seat you have been sitting in all semester.
Love people more than they deserve.

When they hold the door open for you;
When they invite you to Thanksgiving dinners;
When they leave beautiful comments on posts long ago;
When they compliment your scarf and ask if you could make them one;
When they bring a coffee to class for you;
When they make your workplace a wonderful place to spend 6 hours at a time.
Love people more than they deserve.


Knitting with DPNs

If knitting was jumping out of an airplane, double pointed needles (DPNs) is the possibility of having the parachute fail. Let's be honest, its a pretty scary thing!
1) you use 4 needles at once. whaaaat.
2) there's nothing at either end of the needle to keep the stitches on the stick. aka dropped stitches galore.
3) with 8 pointy ends flailing around the air, the possibility is poking your eye out is hugely dangerous.

Maybe I am the only one that DPNs scare this much, but I think its a valid concern. **Please note extreme exaggerations**

But I still did it! I am still knitting, and I am even using DPNs, and I am still learning to make mittens- which is the most fun and most terrifying thing. You mean I have to take that little piece of scrap yarn out and try to catch all my little stitches? Knitters are crazy. Meaning I am as well.

I decided that I needed some slightly more instant reward, so my sweater is just chilling out for a while until I get this first mitten done.

But the weather is threatening to turn cold very soon, so I might need to make both mittens right away and my sweater will just have to wait.

Have a wonderful wonderful day!


ps, sorry for such a long blog break! My excuse is 2 exams and 2 essays and having absolutely no want to take pictures.

Being Inspired

Living a creative life is sometimes kind of stressful.
Wait, isn't being creative supposed to relieve stress? Yes, and it does, just let me explain.
I mean, how do you stay inspired all the time, and especially when the other, higher prioritized parts of your life get in the way, how do you remember those far off glimmers of golden ideas?

I was watching a Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love. She described the way creative genius comes to her as this separate entity, singing a song of brilliant ideas, floating around. Once you hear the song, you may never hear it again, so you best start working with it as soon as you possibly can.

I don't know about you, but I feel that way sometimes. Sometimes, my inspiration buddy floats around silently and bored. Just waiting me to start pulling out my hair and thrashing my limbs and screaming "PLEASE, JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING". But she doesn't. Other times, usually when I have 2 papers due and 3 midterms all in the next week, she won't shut up. "Here, Becky, a great blog post idea. Woah, this is a great idea for your next knitting project. Here, have some courage too, just to get the ball rolling." Alright, girl. Hold your horses. Can you just come back in December and let me study for now? "Now or never!", she cackles.
She can be a bit of a jerk.

In effort to remember her brilliance and keep my grades up, I keep a little journal with me. One with graph paper (I got 4 little ones from Tiny Feast in Winnipeg, adorable store!), so if I need to quickly doodle a little knitting chart, I don't need to worry about my lack of drawing skills being the death of that glimmering hope.

Do you ever feel the similar? How do you keep hold of your inspiration?

Happy October!