6 Life Lessons I have Learned because of Knitting

1. Challenge yourself: 
Pick something out of your range of abilities or something totally new. You will learn a tonne and you will be more comfortable with other challenges in the future 
2. But don't make the challenge too big. 
Something 2 or 3 steps higher than you have previously climbed is a good challenge. But something 10 steps higher will leave you sad, lacking in confidence and with a mess of yarn taunting you. Challenge is good, but don't accept Mission Impossible before you are ready. 
3. Make friends
Go to a Knit Night, a class, a yarn store. Ask questions to people on Ravelry, comment on those Instagram pictures, start a conversation. These are the people who will help you along, support your passion and not ask you to make them something (like you know your other non-knitty friends will do) 
4. Deadlines get things done
seriously, you set that deadline, you set that goal, and you stick to it, it will happen. Make the deadlines realistic and if they don’t work out, don’t worry too much. Learn from it, pick yourself up and set another goal. 
5. Things get done a lot faster when on a time crunch. 
You know that week before Christmas when you have 4 more presents to make? You will work through the cramps and the tired eyes to get those gifts done. Forgot about the birthday thats next week? Ooops, but don’t worry, thats plenty of time to make a matching set of mittens, hat and scarf. You had a goal to have that sweater done by the end of the month? Get to it. 
6. But really, people love the thought and effort put into anything. 
Even if that birthday gift was a week late, even if they have an IOU as a Christmas gift, even if you ask them a thousand times if this is exactly what they wanted when they requested an item, and even if you see every imperfection, they will love it. They will love it, say it is exactly what they imagined, tell you its perfect, show it off to their friends, and request more items to be made. 

Probably not a comprehensive list, I'll keep you updated :)
What have you learned?


Life the Loveliest

Valentine’s is a funny thing. It’s weird, hyper commercialized and romanticized. 
Before I started dating my guy, I thought it was pointless. 
But now I think it is just fun. It is fun to celebrate love. It is fun to see other people in love and sharing love. 
It warms this wonderfully cold part of winter. 
But love is so much more than just the romanticized, commercialized, fancy date, thirty-dollar flowers that we see this one day of the year. 
It is the simple smile that strangers share.
It is the joy of walking your dog on very cold mornings. 
It is everywhere, in every kind gesture and thought. 
This year, I took part in Meredith’s Sheepish Heart Bomb. 
I crocheted 16 hearts, put them on strings, and scattered them around the neighbourhood. 
Specifically, places that meant a little something to me. 
-Near my bank
-Around my elementary school
-at my bus stop
-at the church down my street
-at my Oma’s old apartment
as well as some other places in between

I don’t know if anyone will actually pick one up. It is actually quite possible that no one does. But it is also possible that some do get picked up. And they make the person smile, and maybe that person will pass that surprised smile along to someone else. 
Man, wouldn’t it be great if we just all stopped for the day and were joyfully loving to all?

Happy Valentine’s! 
What did you do today?

Thoughts on Creativity

“I’m not creative like you” 

“I wish I was more creative"

“I want to get into (painting, knitting, writing, etc), but I am not creative enough."

While I am sure that I have said things like this, more often than not I am the one countering people who tell me this. 
Everyone is creative. People who are more creative than others have simply stretched that creative muscle more. 

I mean, I am not a great runner. But I don’t account that the my lack of innate ability to run. It is more that I just haven’t worked at that ability much. 

I do think, however, that some people are born with more of a need to use their creativity. Just like some people just need to move and run more.
But it is also something you can train yourself into needing.
For example, I used to hate journalling. But now, I love having my book to turn to and write in. I trained myself to need it. Same thing for creativity. 

Creativity is not something you either have or don’t have.
Everyone is creative.  

How do you think creativity works? Is it something you are born with or something you learn?

-- Bee

Just a little update

Hello everyone!

You can follow along with my yarny/bloggy adventures there! 

You can also follow my personal account, too! 

Happy Weekend!

- -  Bee 

ps, I don't usually post on Saturdays, but you can expect a new post every Tuesday and Thursday!
Coming soon: Where does creativity come from? I would love to hear your thoughts! So check back on Tuesday!

Year of Handmade: Favourite Products to Use

My most used/purchased when on a budget (and have a ton of in my stash)
1. Patons Yarns (Classic Wool Worsted is my fave with Patons Decor being a close second.) 
4. Knitting needles from thrift stores

When splurging a little: 
5. Manitoba yarns- like this stuff bought from Manitoba Fibre Fest and used for this hat.
6. Cascade Merino yarn. (The stuff I am still using for my still unfinished sweater
7. These knitting needles. A complete dream to use. (I don't know the brand anymore, but I bought them from Wolseley Wool)

This post is part of my year-long project called Year of Handmade. Check it out and join in!


February Knitting Goals

I am in February Denial. 

No way can it already be a whole month into the year. 
A whole month into the school semester…no. way.
That means only two months of classes left.
Which is crazy. 

This is going to be a busy month.
I have midterms already, papers that should be started, presentations that need to be made and a job that needs to be found.
Some goals include working on getting rid of most of my wardrobe and working towards a capsule wardrobe and taking my dog for a nice long walk every day (this one is a challenge because of Canada in February. Brr. )

I am also going to set a very small set of February Knitting goals. Because, hey, it will make my February a lot more enjoyable. 

1. Finish the sleeves on my sweater. So maybe I can wear it before the end of winter. 
2. I was asked to make a hat for someone going through cancer treatments. I haven’t decided on the pattern yet. I want to make it pretty, simple, and comfy. So the nice lady can wear it often and with anything she is wearing. It was suggested that I use natural fibres, so I am using a cotton/silk blend I have in my stash. 
Any pattern ideas? I would love suggestions.