Real Talk

Hello there! Sorry blogging has been kind of sporadic! Today, though, I want to get personal. 
I don't talk about myself a lot on the blog. But this maybe it is is something I need to do. What do you think? Would you be interested in reading about my boring little life?

I have been in this state of confusion lately. Like my life was a little fuzzy, a little out of focus. I didn’t really know who I was anymore. I was bored with everything around me. I felt like something was missing. This made me frustrated. This made me sad. This made me finally feel like I needed a change. So these are some goals that I am going to be working on:

Appreciate More
Live in a constant state of wonder. Explore. Look at things differently. Enjoy the alone. Enjoy the quiet. Do things out of the ordinary. Be happy now and I will be happier later. I encourage you to watch this TED Talk, it's one of the best. 

Journal More
And journal along with a bible devotion. I can journal about my frustrations, because I do think that holds value, but I it is necessary to write about something positive that happened within the last 24 hours. it makes you relive that positive moment, it helps you relive that moment every time you look back on past journal entries. (I have talked about journaling before here)

Own Less
This is a work in progress. This is something that is challenging. I am working on creating a good capsule wardrobe, and it is almost done. One more skirt, that I think I need to make because the one I wanted to buy was sold out before I could get it. And maybe one more button down shirt. Then I am done.
I think this needs to go past the closet though. I need a really good spring cleaning.

This is a goal I have for the summer. I want to learn to appreciate the garden. I want to spend more time outside. I want to enjoy the sunshine. And I want fresh food. (the only problem with this is that there are a lot of birds that swoop around my backyard and I really really don’t like birds)
If you have any really good resources for learning how to get my green thumb on, I would love your advice.

Thats all I have to say about that. (for today)


P.S. Thanks for letting me talk about other things for today. I will try to get back to other things soon, like Year of Handmade, progress on my New Stitch Blanket, and probably a Taking Stock post. 

New Stitch Blanket

Hello everyone!
I come today looking for some advice.

I am making a blanket. Originally, it was going to be crochet (Along with the Ravelry group BAM CAL 2015). But by mid-march, I only had 2 January squares done. So, I turned to instagram and asked if I should just make it a knit blanket instead of crochet. The answers were overwhelmingly "knit it or mix it!".
And I am excited about it.
I decided on making 6(ish) inch squares or whatever kind of pattern I want. I have a list of ideas going, but really I just want to try out as many new stitches as possible.
So, this is where you come in.

I am fairly new at knitting, I haven't done too much of anything. So, dearest readers, would you help me by suggesting new stitches to try? I am up for any skill level!

Thank you muchly! I will update my progress on my squares here, but you can also follow along on Instagram with the #newstitchblanket hashtag.


Audrey Hat- Fringe Hat Along

Two weeks ago was Reading week. Meaning, I had a week off school to do reading and essays and studying and stuff. 
I totally meant to use it for those things.
But... I didn't.

I used it for a really needed week of relaxing. And knitting. 
One thing I made was the hat pattern that was on Fringe Association. Audrey is the first hat of Karen’s hat along (#fringehatalong) and it was so much fun to join in and see people’s progress and finish offs on Instagram. I can’t wait for the next hat of this series, because a) I love making hats and b) it was great to connect with people using that hashtag.

ps, sorry for the blogging silence. But please be warned: the next month or so may be slow on posts around here. You can keep up on Instagram with me though!